COSMO-RS Make Result Files

這部影片主要會介紹如何計算COSMO-RS的result files以及介紹安裝AMS提供的COSMO-RS database。

00:00:12 Introductions
00:01:02 COSMO result file by ADF
00:03:45 COSMO result file by MOPAC
00:04:35 COSMO result file by FastSigma method
00:05:39 Install COSMO-RS database


The purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to make data for a compound using the AMS such that it can be read by COSMO-RS.

  • ADF COSMO result file
  • Polymers with ADF
  • MOPAC COSMO result file
  • Fast sigma COSMO file (QSPR)
  • Install the COSMO-RS compound database